Today I have been thinking alot about my exchange year. How much I long for a hug from my American mom, how much I miss being teased by Tim, how much I miss My american dads weird jokes or sadly Vanessas  gross farts. I miss Emilie and I´s deeptalks whenever she would come home. I miss Anthony, Darcy and Austin. I miss playing with Brett and Ava. I miss talking to Shonda on the phone. I miss michelle and her weirdness. I miss talking to Caitlyn at school, and eating lunch with Natasha and Lauren and all the other girls by our table. I miss having regular practices after school (even though at the time, I just wanted to skip and go home) I miss the school spirit. 
I keep thinking about them, all of them. About what I would say to them if we would meet today. If they would think I had changed, or if I was the same girl that left that little small town so many months ago. I don´t know. 
Now, when spring is upon us, I thought back at spring time in America and realised that I don´t really remember it. I don´t remember the first flower of the year, I don´t remember when I got that first spring feeling. And I realised that other details and memories are unclear. I want to go back and appreciate what I had more than I did. 
I just miss it, everything. But most of all I miss my family. 
Linda, Don, Anthony, Shonda, Emilie, Vanessa, Tim, Austin, Darcy, Brett and Ava
Thank you all for pushing me, for standing by me, for all of your good advices and caring hugs. 
and I know that I´ve told you all that so many times that those three words have started to loose their meaning. But I don´t know what do more than tell you guys over and over again that I miss you. Because I do, I do. 
Love Always
// Elin

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